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Providing exceptional products of quality, durability, and comfort for children who need sensory input.

TLC Sensory

What are weighted blankets?

TLC Sensory weighted blankets were created to help with Sensory Processing Disorder. The weight in the blankets help calm and relax the body. The blankets were developed by a Clinical Therapist with years of experience working with children, parents, and teachers.

  • Calm and relax
  • Children (and parents!) get more sleep
  • Keeps children comfortable at home and in school

Do TLC weighted blankets really really work?

YES! We get letters from parents just like you telling us how much they love our products, and how our products have changed their children's lives.

Customer Testimony

"Ethan loved it. And so did we. He fell asleep so quickly last night he couldn't even finish saying his prayers."

We would love to hear from you how our weighted blanket helped your family. Please visit our Facebook page to share your story!

Order now and start building your blanket!

Do you or someone you know like to...

  • sleep under lots of blankets?
  • hug others tightly?
  • be wrapped or swaddled in things?
  • curl up under a heavy blanket to watch TV?
  • put cushions and pillows on top of themselves?
  • be on-the-go much of the time or sometimes seems impulsive?
  • constantly touch things or have trouble controlling their body?
  • settle down but can't?

...then weighted blankets might help! Order now!

Our Story

Let me open the door and invite you into our story of how TLC Sensory came into our lives. In 2011, many changes were happening in our home. During this time, my oldest son was having a difficult time coping and handling his feelings. He was also having difficulties in school and had a wonderful teacher that helped guide us to find a solution. It was then that we went to a counselor who discovered he has ADHD. During the day, I was in corporate America. I had been working in a fast-paced, competitive field I loved when I began in 1996. The stress and demand was taking time away from the things I loved to do. As I was surfing a popular website one night, I came across a local part- time job sewing in your own home. I had sewed all my life but no longer had the time. I responded to the ad and was introduced to TLC Sensory Processing Products.

After meeting the owner of TLC Sensory, I was given an introduction to sensory issues and the concept of the weighted blanket. She was a wealth of information. I began assisting her with the sewing of the blankets on a part time basis. This brought to me the excitement of sewing again and the satisfaction of knowing the difference I was making to children.

By the end of 2011, after working for several months on the blankets, I was approached by the owner about purchasing the business. The blankets were so successful she didn’t have time to keep up with it. In my heart, I knew this opening door was the right one to walk through, for myself, my sons, and the children with sensory processing issues with whom I was making a difference. With excitement, a mission and lots of colorful fabric surrounding me, I bought the business. I was excited about the chance to make more blankets for kids, kids like my Joseph who found comfort and relaxation with his own blanket. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but I was going to figure it out.

Remember the door that just opened? Well, in February 2012 my corporate door closed one morning. By the end of the day, I was out of a job, my equipment taken away and handed a severance package. One business closed in my life, but another one was about to thrive. Helping and comforting children with sensory needs while giving them a tool to settle them down is now my mission. I am proud to say that each blanket is handmade with love and hope of helping your child. As this company has given me a new beginning, my hope is that your TLC Sensory Processing Product will be a new beginning for your family.

Beautiful and fun fabrics to make your blanket special!

Every person is unique and every blanket is made uniquely to match their needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the blanket made of?
Blanket shell: 100% cotton. Lining: 100% polyester. Weighted pellets: polypropylene.

How quickly are blankets shipped?
Blankets take 2-3 weeks to make and will be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Do you do custom orders?
If you have special needs or requirements, please contact us for custom orders.

What are the washing instructions?
• Put the blanket in the washer on gentle cycle.
• Usually I have to spin again after the first wash.
• Then I throw it in the dryer. They are softer after you wash them.

Where are your blankets made?
Our products are proudly made in the USA in St. Louis, MO.

Do's & Don'ts

  • DO partner with your Doctor or Therapist to ensure they feel you have picked the proper size and weight blanket or lapbag for your child.
  • DO NOT use blankets on children under two years of age.
  • DO NOT use with children who have disabilities which prohibit them from safely using a weighted blanket.
  • DO NOT use as a restraint device.
  • DO NOT double over the blanket on top of child.

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